I was born in New Jersey after which my parents packed up and moved to Cut and Shoot, Texas for an excruciating nine years. Once they had enough of that, we went back to New Jersey and then, after a few years, moved on to Pennsylvania. At this point, not having traveled enough in my life, I joined the Air Force and spent the next 14 years traveling the world from Alaska to Italy and even Saudi Arabia.

After leaving the military and, rejoining civilian life, I decided to expand my horizons and gave acting a shot. From the moment I started, I was hooked and since then¬†it has been my goal to put my day job on hold and make a living as a working actor. I’m not quite there yet but with the experience I’ve garnered from working on an assortment of¬†projects, to include two Netflix original series (House of Cards and Mindhunter), I believe I’m on my way.